City of Ashland Email Listserve Policy



The City of Ashland Listserve is provided as a benefit to the commissioners, committee members and citizens of the City of Ashland.  These lists are meant to foster discussion amongst the members and provide a conduit for information from citizens.



Membership in lists is restricted to Commission or Committee member and staff liaisons.  The Archives interface is available to all Internet users. 



Each list will be managed by a staff liaison that will follow the Commission or Committee’s wishes about how the list is configured.  The various options have “mostly” to do with SPAM management and or running administrative interference.  These options will be managed by the Committee or Commission via their staff liaison.



These lists are run by an Open Source software called Mailman which is an internet standard for email listserve software.  As such some needs or wants of the Public,  Committee or Commissions may not be technically feasible.



The City makes no warrant that an email to any list will reach all the intended committee or commission members.  ALL email transferred to or from this system is considered public record and is available on the Internet.  In addition, the City does not backup or data recovery services for any email sent via mailman, the mailman system is linked into the public records system of the City and historical information may be obtained there.


Not all Committee and Commissions have lists or email addresses.  This is a decision made by that committee or commission based upon their preferred communication method. 


The City will attempt to manage the SPAM sent to these lists and will use Internet standard spam restriction techniques to accomplish this.  There is NO attempt through these techniques to restrict the free flow of information to these lists or their members.  If you feel that your messages are being restricted please inform City Administration or the City Recorder’s Office.