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> In re: Ashland Housing (Jan. 18)
> Your editorial has the virtue of recognizing that there are limits to 
> what Ashland or any city can do by itself in regard to housing.  
> Ashland’s housing prices are far above the norm simply because in 
> terms of livability and public social amenities Ashland itself is far 
> above the norm. Let us be clear: the poor and the working class in 
> America have always found housing to be too expensive in proportion to 
> their incomes and, given the thirty year stagnation in their wages, 
> this has only become even more of a problem. It is naive to assume 
> that expanding Ashland’s urban growth boundary will, presumably by 
> “letting the market do its miracles,” provide decent housing for all. 
> This has never occurred because the “market’ seeks only profit, not 
> fairness. In a rational and decent society, adequate public housing 
> would not be left to the tender mercies of the market; rather, taxes 
> would be used to subsidize and even to build attractive, pleasant, 
> well-planned apartment homes for those whom the “market” has left 
> behind. Public housing and the institution of a “living wage” would do 
> much to resolve this situation---but in today’s America that is, 
> horrors!, socialism. (200 words)
> Gerald Cavanaugh
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